What Makes a Justice Leader?

This week on Rule of Law Talk, WJP Executive Director Elizabeth Andersen is joined by two members of the Justice Leadership Group—Willy Mutunga and Salaheddin Al-Bashir—to discuss "What Makes a Justice Leader?"

The rule of law requires effective laws and institutions—but it also requires leadership. That is, courageous acts of independence and integrity, sometimes at significant personal or professional cost. The Justice Leadership Group is inspiring and supporting this kind of justice leadership. Organizing its work in a networked, agile way, the group has come together to support others who have accepted the task and the challenge of serving justice in their societies. Comprised of a small group of justice leaders who have served as ministers of justice, international judges, or chief justices, they share first-hand experience with leading change at the highest political level, and a strong commitment to delivering justice.

Several members of the Justice Leadership Group were in The Hague recently for the Justice Partners Forum, convened by the Dutch government, to address the challenge of meeting Sustainable Development Goal 16 and its promise of justice for all. In this episode of Rule of Law Talk, WJP Executive Director Betsy Anderson discusses "What Makes a Justice Leader?" with Willy Mutunga, Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Kenya, and Salaheddin Al-Bashir, Former Minister of Justice and Chairman of the Board the Justice Center for Legal Aid, Jordan—both members of the Justice Leadership Group.

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