The State of the Rule of Law in China

Margaret Lewis, Professor of Law at Seton Hall University, joins WJP Chief Engagement Officer Ted Piccone on Rule of Law Talk to discuss China's rise as a global power and its rule of law record. Professor Lewis' research focuses on law in China and Taiwan with an emphasis on criminal justice and human rights. She has studied in both Taiwan and mainland China, published widely in professional journals, and testified before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China.


The topic for today's podcast is the state of the rule of law in China, and its implications for international politics and law. The World Justice Project has just released its annual WJP Rule of Law Index, based on surveys of expert practitioners and households in 128 countries and jurisdictions worldwide. For the last five years, China has scored significantly below global and regional averages. Its scores on factors measuring Constraints on Government Powers and Fundamental Rights are among the lowest in the world, while it performs better on Order and Security and Civil Justice. Alongside these data points we see China's ascendance as a global power, particularly in economic and security terms. It has embarked on a major push to expand its influence in every region through trade, loans, and investments, gaining significant leverage to shape domestic and international policies to its liking. 


Explore China's rule of law data in the WJP Rule of Law Index 2020.