Rachel Kleinfeld: A Savage Order

Rachel Kleinfeld is a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the founding CEO of the Truman National Security Project. Her new book, A Savage Order, explores extreme violence in democracies: why it comes about, why it persists, and successful case studies for change.

Extreme violence is crippling democracies around the globe — and not because of war. In fact, 83 percent of all violent deaths occur outside of conflict zones, and in 2015, more people died violently in Brazil than in Syria’s civil war. When extreme violence is rampant in a country, change can seem impossible. But in her new book, A Savage Order, Rachel Kleinfeld sets out to find out why extreme violence plagues some democracies and not others, and what countries have done to successfully recover and reclaim security.

Ms. Kleinfeld joins WJP Communications Director Matthew Harman on Rule of Law Talk to discuss how various forms of violence get better, what lessons policymakers can glean from the book, and more. 

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A Savage Order: How the World's Deadliest Countries Can Forge a Path to Security

Rachel Kleinfeld

Published November 6, 2018

"An urgent and provocative look at how extreme violence can cripple democracies, including the United States, and how they can regain security."

A Savage Order by Rachel Kleinfeld book cover