Rule of Law Award

The WJP Rule of Law Award recognizes global and local champions advancing rule of law. 

  • Presented by Members of the WJP Board of Directors: Ellen Gracie Northfleet, Former Chief-Justice, Federal Supreme Court of Brazil and Petar Stoyanov, Former President of Bulgaria.

Artist Spotlight

Following the presentation of the award, an artistic dramatization, “Africa on Trial,” hosted by the ALN Academy will explore East Africa’s rule of law record. Through contemporary African dance, poetry, and the opening prosecution and defense of a mock trial, representatives from within Africa’s expert cultural socio-legal communities will bring to life East Africa’s journey of consciousness, connection and justice.

  • MUDA Africa
  • Femi Omere, Executive Director, ALN Academy (Nigeria/UK)
  • “The Prosecution”: Aisha Abdallah, Partner, Head of Litigation and Disputes, Anjarwalla & Khanna (Kenya)
  • “The Defense”: Joyce Aluoch, Former Judge, International Criminal Court and High Court of Kenya
  • “The Adjudicator”: Mohamed Chande Othman, Former Chief Justice of Tanzania