MUDA Africa believes that the creative sector is essential for the social, cultural and economic progress for youth in Tanzania. Based on this belief, MUDA Africa set up a professional dance centre in 2013 for the study of traditional and contemporary African dance for the urban youth of Dar es Salaam. Our education programme offers a 3-year curriculum in dance and arts management. Since opening the centre, 20 dancers have graduated of which 18 have found employment within Tanzania, Turkey and China. MUDA Africa works to nurture female dancers who are still in low numbers in the Tanzanian dance world. Women teachers represent 40% of our staff and at our annual Time 2 Dance festival, at least one third of all productions are by women choreographers. We conduct weekly dance outreach programmes in government secondary schools for girls. The number of women trainees at MUDA Africa has risen from 2 to 11 in the past 6 years. MUDA Africa also mobilizes dance to address current social issues: 'Hands are for Holding' addressing Gender-Based Violence, 'Mti'  talks about the importance of trees and 'Itakuwa Poa' addresses the dangers of substance abuse amongst youth in Dar es Salaam.

MUDA Africa will perform at the World Justice Forum as part of Plenary Session #3: Rule of Law Award & Artist Spotlight