Justice for All

Task Force on Justice

Launched at the World Justice Forum: Realizing Justice for All, the Justice for All report from the Task Force on Justice makes the case for shifting from a model that provides justice for the few, to one that delivers justice for all. The report launch kicked off the World Justice Forum by defining the opportunity for the justice movement in 2019. With a new global estimate of the justice gap informed by the World Justice Project's Measuring the Justice Gap report, the Justice for All report illustrates the importance of investment in justice and identification of strategies, tools and approaches to increase access to justice.

Learn more and download the Justice for All report here, and watch the report launch at the World Justice Forum here.



Measuring the Justice Gap

World Justice Project

An estimated 5 billion people have unmet justice needs globally, including people who cannot obtain justice for everyday problems, people who are excluded from the opportunity the law provides, and people who live in extreme conditions of injustice.

This justice gap underscores the urgency of realizing justice for all and demonstrates unacceptable levels of exclusion from justice. Measuring the Justice Gap: A People-Centered Assessment of Unmet Justice Needs Around the World is a report produced by the World Justice Project with expert input from the Task Force on Justice. The report describes the development process, measurement approach, and progress being made to estimate the scale and impact of the justice gap. 

Learn more about the Measuring the Justice Gap report here, and download the report below.

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Measuring the Justice Gap

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