Trevor has been helping courts transition to people-centred digital services since 2005.
Trevor believes that whilst there is a lot of talk about the potential of emerging technologies such as AI, smart contracts and ODR, there is still a need to help the many courts in the world who have either no technology at all or old technology that is unfit for purpose. In an ideal world, all courts should be able to provide basic digital services including electronic filing and case management with ePayments in line with transparent access to justice (A2J). However, until now the cost of such systems has been a major obstacle. Traditional procurement processes tend to favour the large multi-national system integrators. A level playing field would encourage more competition from smaller local suppliers with innovative and cost effective solutions.

Trevor Pegley will participate in the World Justice Forum working session How to Achieve a Level Playing Field for Innovation: A Dialogue on Regulating Legal Services in the 21st Century.