Dr. Natalie Byrom is Director of Research at The Legal Education Foundation where she leads work to build the evidence base for what works in helping individuals to secure their rights. She is part of the BBC Expert Women Network and her writing has been featured in the national and legal press. She sits on the Administrative Justice Council and the Litigants in Person Engagement Group of the Civil Justice Council. Dr. Byrom has recently been seconded to Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service as Expert Advisor on Open Data and Academic Engagement where her remit included advising on the data architecture and methods required to evaluate the impact of technology focused court reform on both access to and the fairness of the justice system. Her research in this field has been awarded Gold and featured at the 2019 OECD Global Policy Roundtable on Equal Access to Justice. 

Natalie Byrom will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Court Digitalization and Online Dispute Resolution: How Courts are Using Technology to Deliver More Modern Justice.