Maurits Barendrecht (1956) grew up in The Hague, the city of peace and justice. Graduated at Leiden Law School. Was a partner at law firm De Brauw. Professor at Tilburg University, where he led a research programme on justice needs. Maurits begins with the end in mind. What are the fair solutions that work for people? If litigation does not work, it needs to be replaced by better processes. Combining the best from courts, mediation and informal justice; using tech and evidence.

Now Research Director at HiiL, Maurits leads teams developing breakthrough innovations such as a code of conduct for the personal injury sector and evidence based guidelines for delivering family justice. Other examples are the – widely acclaimed – online supported justice journey for divorce (Rechtwijzer) and the measuring access to justice methodology (now a successful HiiL service). He also is the author of leading reports on how to organise access to justice at a country level.

Maurits Barendrecht will participate in the World Justice Forum working sessions Evidence-Based Family JusticeWhat Will it Take to Bring Social Impact Investing to the Justice Sector? and How to Achieve a Level Playing Field for Innovation: A Dialogue on Regulating Legal Services in the 21st Century.