Natiuska is a Senior Associate at Dentons Muñoz Costa Rica and a Regulatory Law, Administrative Litigation Law, Energy Law, and Business specialist. She has vast experience in Public Law litigation under the regulations of the new Administrative Litigation process, as well as in due diligence processes for mergers and acquisitions of energy and telecommunications companies. Before joining Dentons Muñoz, she worked for EY Law as manager of the Public Law Division, she also worked as an associate attorney at the Pacheco Coto law firm and at the Costa Rican Electricity Institute, advising and litigating in both areas of business development. Additionally, she worked at the firm Cremades, Calvo Sotelo, as Foreign Associate, in Madrid, Spain. Natiuska actively participates in the creation and design of regulation in the Energy and Telecommunications Sector, in particular to achieve an integrated regulation for the energy sector focused on the interest of the consumer and on the protection of the environment. Natiuska has an LLM in Energy Law from the Universidad Europea de Madrid, a Law Degree and specialization in Administrative Litigation and Regulatory Law from the University of Costa Rica and a specialty in Notarial Law and Registry of Universidad Latina of Costa Rica.

Natiuska Traña will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Pathways to Justice: Effective Tools for Localized Community Solutions