Judge Indalecia Pacheco León has a Law Degree, a Master Degree in Political Science, Gender and Criminal Procedural Law, and is a Doctoral student in Criminal Law. Judge Pacheco León is specialized in gender, interculturality, human rights of women and girls, and in judicial investigations of the crime of Femicide. Previously Judge Pacheco León served as the attorney for the defense of women's rights of the government of the State of Guerrero, Mexico. She is a leading figure in State of Guerrero of judging with a gender perspective, including using protection mechanisms for women victims of violence and implementing the Mexican ‘Alba Protocol for the search and location of disappeared women and girls’. Judge Pacheco León has an over 30-year long judicial career. Judge Pacheco León was the first Judge in Guerrero to be specialized in judging with a gender perspective and implemented restorative justice mechanisms. Since 2021 she has been a Magistrate of the Superior Criminal Court of Justice of the State of Guerrero, serving both in accusatorial proceedings as in the traditional Mexican inquisitorial proceedings. Judge Pacheco León received the International Gaviota Award in 2019, granted to prominent public servants, artists, scientists and athletes in Latin America.

Judge Indalecia Pacheco León will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Judges as Peacebuilders: Judicial Networks as Vectors of Judges’ Independence