The rule of law is as fundamental to the work of all professionals as it is to lawyers, and real change requires the collaboration of leaders from all sectors. Engagement events have leveraged the commitment and expertise of these leaders, generating dozens of programs and building global, multidisciplinary rule of law networks, ultimately affecting the lives of countless individuals.

At our events, the WJP assembles change agents and innovators at global and regional meetings to inspire government reforms – whether directly or indirectly – and incubate programs at the grassroots level. Since 2008, the WJP has held four World Justice Forums, the world’s largest global multidisciplinary platform dedicated to advancing the rule of law. In addition, we have held nine regional outreach meetings on five continents, attracting hundreds of leaders from more than one hundred countries.

The inaugural World Justice Forum was held in Vienna, Austria, on July 2-5, 2008. The second World Justice Forum took place on November 11-14, 2009, also in Vienna, Austria. The World Justice Forum III was held on June 20-23, 2011, in Barcelona, Spain, and the World Justice Forum IV took place on July 8-11, 2013 in The Hague, Netherlands. Read more >

The WJP convenes regional, action-oriented, multidisciplinary meetings to strengthen the rule of law. These meetings include plenary discussions on key topical issues of current importance, and small group working sessions in which participants identify crucial areas where collaborative, cross-disciplinary efforts will advance the rule of law. The WJP has held multidisciplinary outreach meetings on five continents. Read more >

World Justice Project country sorties provide the opportunity for select leaders from multiple professional sectors to deliberate on the current rule of law opportunities and challenges facing their country, as identified by the WJP Rule of Law Index. Sortie participants have the opportunity to collaborate on practical solutions, which will be documented and drafted into subsequent reports. Read more >

High Court Justices Symposium

The inagural WJP High Court Justices Symposium convened members of high courts of more than 30 countries for a full day to discuss rule of law issues of greatest interest to the judiciary and to deliberate about the special role of members of high courts as prominent champions for the rule of law. Future Symposiums will serve as platforms for judicial consultation and sharing of views, experiences, best practices and innovative ideas on advancing the rule of law on national and global planes. Read more >

Rule of Law Summit

The WJP Rule of Law Summit convenes executive leaders of top organizations and networks from around the globe that share a common goal to advance the rule of law. An initial meeting of 40 representatives was held in July 2013 in The Hague. Participants discussed better collaboration to be more effective in advancing the rule of law and rule of law within the UN Post-2015 Development Agenda. Planning is underway for ongoing collaborative work to address critical rule of law challenges, and to regularize future meetings of the group. Read more >

Roundtable Discussion Series

In 2012, the World Justice Project launched a new series of small, targeted workshops on topics that are related to the rule of law.  These roundtable discussions will feature experts on a diverse array of rule of law topics. The inaugural discussion featured Tim Hanstad, Executive Director of WJP co-sponsoring organization Landesa, to talk about land rights and the rule of law.
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In the United States, the WJP has partnered with rule of law education projects at both the secondary and postsecondary levels. Read more >

U.S. Multidisciplinary Workshops

The WJP supports multidisciplinary workshops aimed at strengthening the rule of law in the United States. In individual states across the nation, state and local bar associations, law schools and other local leaders are  sponsoring state-level multidisciplinary outreach meetings to form multidisciplinary partnerships to strengthen the rule of law at the state and community levels. Participants at these meetings have included business and community leaders, educators, health care professionals, judges, lawyers, government officials, and religious leaders. Read more >