Hague Institute for Innovation of Law

Our motto is user friendly justice. Starting from survey data about justice needs, HiiL sets up transformation processes with justice leaders and accelerates innovations to close the justice gap. Our mission is that 150 million people prevent and resolve their most pressing justice problems by 2030. The size of the justice gap requires that the justice sector is transformed and that innovation is providing the means to scale the delivery of justice. We are firmly committed to (1) Developing and sharing strategies to scale what works for the most pressing justice problems during 2019 to 2021. (2) To scaling game-changing innovations in justice journeys leading to fair outcomes during 2019 to 2021. (3) We will develop and share models for sustainably financing justice at scale during 2019. We also commit to do this in partnership with all organizations that share our mission to close the justice gap, such as the World Justice Project, our co-producing partners in the World Justice Forum, governments investing in SDG16, national justice sector institutions, the innovative justice entrepreneurs in our network and organizations representing the users of the justice system.