Dr. Nyo Nyo Thin (LLD, LLM, LLB) is a leading legal academic and political figure in Myanmar. In 2010 she was elected as one of six women parliamentarians in the Yangon Region Parliament, where she served until 2015. She gained a Doctor of Laws from Yokohama National University, Japan (2006). She has been a visiting lecturer at Keio University Hosei University and Chuo University in Japan (2004-2009), in addition to teaching in various Law Departments in Myanmar universities. She has been recognized as a rising political star by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, the International Republican Institute and Wesseley College. At home in Myanmar she has received many awards for her work, including winner of Women Rights & Politics, Person of the Year, HERO, Lonely Running Lion and Iron Hintha. A 2014 BBC survey identified her as one of 100 influential women in the world. Dr Nyo Nyo Thin is a member of the MyJustice Programme Advisory Committee and a technical advisor to the Access to Justice Initiative. In 2016, she established Yangon Watch.

At the 2019 World Justice Forum, Dr. Nyo Nyo Thin will join the panel in the British Council’s session ‘Scaling the Wall: Creative Communications to Overcome Silence about Injustice in Myanmar.'