World Justice Project and Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation

The World Justice Project and the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation commit to pursuit of a multi-year research project to investigate the relationship between dimensions of rule of law, access to justice, and public health. The two organizations maintain significant data sets relevant to the project—WJP’s Rule of Law Index and IHME’s Human Capital Index. The project aims to integrate these data sets and analyze them to determine the extent to which rule of law and access to justice are correlated to public health outcomes and which elements of rule of law relate to which dimensions of public health. The organizations commit to a joint effort to conceptualize the project, develop a methodology for the research, jointly seek funding, conduct the research, and produce scholarly and policy papers to disseminate the findings. The exact timeline for the project is subject to a number of factors, but the partners expect to undertake it over the 2019-2021 timeframe. It is anticipated that the project findings will help policy-makers better understand the relationship between governance and public health, motivating investment in justice and governance initiatives that can be effective in improving health outcomes.