Dame Hazel Genn is Professor of Socio-Legal Studies in the Faculty of Laws at UCL.  She was Dean of the Faculty 2008-2017 and is currently Director of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice.  Dame Hazel is a leading authority on access to civil and administrative justice.  She has conducted numerous empirical studies of public access to the justice system, including the seminal Paths to Justice: What People Do and Think About Going to Law.  In 2013 she established the UCL Centre for Access to Justice, and in 2016 developed its activities into an innovative ‘Health Justice Partnership’ with a GP practice in Stratford delivering free social welfare legal advice to patients within the practice. Supported by The Legal Education Foundation, she is currently researching the outcomes of this partnership and developing a National Strategy for Health Justice Partnership which includes a mapping study of Health Justice Partnership in England & Wales published in December 2018.

Hazel Genn will participate in the World Justice Forum working session Improving Public Health and Reducing the Justice Gap Through Health Justice Partnerships.