Government of the Republic of North Macedonia

The results of a survey conducted by the Republic of Macedonia indicates that every second citizen is facing a legal problem. Many citizens do not have a full comprehension of  whether their issue should be legally addressed and often do not know where to turn. Research on the legal needs of certain marginalized groups (Roma, drug users, and sex workers) indicate that these citizens, due to marginalization and stigmatization, are additionally disabled in recognizing and resolving the legal problems they face. Citizens from poor and marginalized communities have difficulty gaining access to justice because of a lack of trust in institutions, insufficient information and social and economic barriers. 

Four Centers for access to justice will be established within the municipalities of Tetovo, Suto Orizari, Delchevo and Prilep at the beginning of 2019, which will provide legal aid to all citizens who are facing a legal problem. These centers will be managed by CSOs, and supported by the municipalities and the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy. The Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in cooperation with FOSM will provide continuous trainings for employees of the Roma Information Centers. FOSM will provide training for the employees in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in order to strengthen the capacities of the employees for the concept of legal strengthening and its correlation to OGP. The commitment is expected to provide:

  • Establish centers for access to justice in 4 municipalities that will enable citizens easier access to legal and paralegal services and easier exercise and protection of rights - Building the capacities and skills of the employees in the Roma Information Centers through 3 trainings for paralegals
  • Increase access and quality (scaling) of the legal services for poor and marginalized groups of citizens in 14 municipalities. Apart from the provision of legal services, their legal strengthening will be achieved through legal literacy activities and mobilization for undertaking independent advocacy actions. 
  • Strengthen the capacities of the employees in the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy to ensure sustainability of the commitment. 
  • Prepare report on the services provided by the RIC staff for each year separately OGP challenge addressed by the commitment
  • Improve public services; Increasing public integrity; More efficient public resources management; Creating safer communities


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