Municipality of The Hague

The Hague—as city of justice and peace—works daily at strengthening the ecosystem in our city of international organisations, NGO’s, companies, universities, knowledge institutes and government institutions that work on improving access to justice. That is also why we are happy to invest in conferences such as the World Justice Forum, bringing together parties that are active in the same area. Recently we have especially, in research programmes, acquisition policy and conferences worked on the challenges that new technologies (digital tools, artificial intelligence, etc) bring to the legal area. These technologies can improve the efficiency of our activities in delivering peace and justice, but it is also important to look at the ethical aspects such as privacy. Other priorities are technological innovations in the area of security (in The Hague security delta) and improving access to justice through arbitration, especially in human rights.

Furthermore, the city of The Hague is also active in improving access to justice for our own citizens. For instance by the engagement of neighbourhood judges. Together with HiiL the city currently investigates in what areas access to justice is problematic in our own city. So that we can introduce existing and innovative solutions together with our partners worldwide for the people in our city.