Asha Krishnan is an experienced technologist and has worked as a consultant in government programmes. She is a co-founder and Executive Director at Haqdarshak, a social enterprise that  uses technology to improve citizen access to welfare schemes and entitlements. Asha has a Bachelors degree in Electrical engineering from Mumbai University and has worked at Patni Computer Systems (now part of Capgemini) for 20 years. During that time, she has gained extensive experience in software development projects for various domains for global customers. Post that she has worked as a consultant for 4 years in UIDAI, Govt. of India, in the Aadhaar project. Currently, at Haqdarshak, she is the Chief Program and Research Officer.

Asha Krishnan will participate in the World Justice Forum working sessions Making Legal Technologies Used and Useful: Expanding Access to Civil Justice and Sustainable Justice: Best Practices in Justice-Sector Social Enterprises.