Vitaliy Trenkenshu is a Managing Partner at, an organization that specializes in helping regulatory government agencies to effectively use data analysis to combat financial crimes and corruption. develops analytical applications that compare data from many different sources, find anomalies, and flag suspicious transactions. These tools focus the attention of auditors on the riskiest transactions, thereby increasing the effectiveness of audits. Over the past 12 years, he has led several large projects in data analysis for law enforcement and regulatory authorities of Kazakhstan, including the General Prosecutor's Office, the Financial Monitoring Agency (Economic Investigation Service), the Internal State Audit Committee, the Financial Police, and others.’s analytical tools have revealed various corruption risks and raised red flags in public procurement, tax evasion, shell company registration,, and other violations that cause economic damage to the state. Based on the identified risk factors, auditors conducted investigations. While in some cases, it was possible to compensate for the damage, in many cases, auditors were able to prevent financial losses if the risk was identified at an early stage. As the largest anti-fraud data analysis project in Kazakhstan, has created more than $ 600 million in economic impact.

Vitaliy Trenkenshu will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Anti-Corruption and Open Government B