Victorien Mba is from South Cameroon and a graduate of social sciences who has worked for over 20 years on sustainable development issues. He is currently the director of the NGO APED and has been since 2004. His career started in 1997 as a facilitator in the Tropenbos Cameroon program with the objective of preparing and presenting forest management scenarios to the Cameroonian government. This led him to supervise more than 20 students from Dutch universities such as Wageningen, Lieden, Amsterdam, Utrecht, etc. for their field activities in the writing of their various theses. Having noticed many injustices, the poverty of the communities, and the poor management of natural resources in his country, he relied on his experience with Tropenbos to create APED with friends sharing the same vision. Within the framework of his activities, he relies on techniques adapted to the communities and benefited from several training programs including Forest Governance at the University of Wolverhampton in the UK and Human Rights Education at the John Abbott College in Montreal, Canada. He continues to train on different themes in order to remain close to the communities and to effectively answer to their expectations.

Victorien Mba will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Access to Justice B