Based in Kuwait, Sari Heidenreich leads Do Bold's efforts in Oman and Kuwait. Since 2020 her focus has been coordinating the Freedom for Our Sisters project, supporting and empowering victims of human trafficking working as domestic workers in Oman to access justice and remedy. Sari works with a small team to increase the women's awareness of their rights and options, repatriate victims of trafficking and exploitation, negotiate with perpetrators, collect quantitative and qualitative data, write reports, advocate and fundraise. In 2021, Sari's was recognized by the US Secretary of State for her work on the Freedom for Our Sisters project. Do Bold has projects across the Gulf Countries and has been named as one of the finalists for the Org Awards, Nelson Mandela Prize, Walk for Justice Price, and chosen as 1 of 100 Sparks of Hope by The Elders for promoting hope and justice among the most vulnerable communities in the world. Prior to joining Do Bold, Sari worked with the United Religions Initiative supporting interfaith efforts for social change. Originally from the United States, Sari has lived in Ghana, Jerusalem and Kuwait and worked in the fields of journalism and cross-cultural education.

Sari Heidenreich will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Access to Justice B