Prodip Dutta is the current Program Director of Rights Jessore, where he manages resources and monitors program activities. He has extensive expertise in the field of managing multicultural, complex projects and has more than 22 years of working experience on democracy, governance, human rights, and disaster management programs with a diverse range of CSOs, CBOs, research institutions, international organizations, media and government partners in Bangladesh. His technical support functions include institutional capacity building of CSOs and human resource development, strategic planning and coordination, multi-sector partnership management, policy advocacy and lobbying, training facilitation, network building, monitoring and evaluation, project development, financial and administrative management, and donor compliance. He has excellent communication, interpersonal, and leadership skills and is adept at planning, research, social mobilization, and effective communication with diverse groups of people. His educational background is in science and he holds a Master’s in Public Health.

Prodip Dutta will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Anti-Corruption and Open Government B