Patrice Sulton is an attorney, professor, and criminal justice reform advocate based in Washington, D.C. Her career is devoted to fundamentally changing the way people think about who we punish, why we punish, and how we punish. A lifelong organizer, she believes the brilliant ideas we are looking for are in the brilliant people we overlook. After working to advance racial justice in the courts and alongside grassroots movements for more than 15 years, Patrice founded DC Justice Lab to advance community-rooted public safety reforms. She envisions, writes, and fights for sweeping changes to American criminal laws and policies. Patrice has represented clients in criminal and civil rights cases nationwide. She served on the District of Columbia’s Criminal Code Reform Commission (comprehensively rewriting D.C.’s criminal code), Police Reform Commission (recommending an overhaul D.C.’s approach to public safety), and Jails & Justice Task Force (publishing a plan to decarcerate by half and bring D.C.’s residents home to a safe environment). Patrice also teaches Adjudicatory Criminal Procedure and Trial Advocacy at The George Washington University Law School.

Patrice Sutton will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination B