Isabel Sepulveda holds a master’s degree in alternative means of dispute resolution and a law degree from La Salle Pachuca University. She also holds a diploma in mediation from the school of Arbitration and Mediation at the University of Havana, Cuba. During university, Isabel’s capstone thesis focused on mediation as a social need. In 2007, Isabel implemented a project on indigenous mediation within the mediation system of the Hidalgo state court. In addition, Isabel has hosted a Clinic of Mediation in the Faculty of Law at the University of Buenos Aires, a seminar on Restorative Justice at the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences at the University of La Plata, Argentina, and a workshop on “Controversial Mediation Systems in the Field of Criminal Justice” in the Council of the Judiciary of Buenos Aires. She is also the author of two books.

Isabel Sepulveda will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Access to Justice A