Erna is the impact and learning strategic oversight lead and co-CEO of the Shonaquip Social Enterprise. She conceptualized and designed the measurement units for a well-functioning ecosystem within the SSE and re-designed the delivery teams' processes to deliver on this ideal. Erna believes that inclusion is possible and that power, despite many barriers, sits with the marginalized of the world. Erna operationalized the dream of a Parent network and designed the Let’s Talk Parents tool. Erna is a senior Atlantic fellow for health equity in South Africa and is currently pursuing her PhD at the Faculty of Medicine a​​​​nd Health Sciences and is exploring the role of the parent network and Let's Talk Parents tool to build the confidence of parents of children with disabilities to engage in policy implementation monitoring. She is the mother of Ami and the wife to Liezl, her family that gives her the strength to do this work. Her family journeys through life embracing diversity and enjoying every moment. She believes that when diversity is embraced and inclusion is embraced, magic happens.

Erna van der Westhuizen will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Access to Justice B