Ajay Shankar Jha Rupesh is the Executive Director of the Public Defender Society of Nepal (PDS-Nepal). Mr. Jha joined the ILF in Nepal in 2008 after working for eight years as a private advocate. Besides providing direct legal representation, Mr. Jha is actively involved in building the legal aid system in Nepal and advocating for expanded access to justice for all. As a legal expert, Mr. Jha provided input for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime handbook on Early Access to Legal Aid in Criminal Justice Processes, as well as UNODC’s draft Model Law on Legal Aid in the Criminal Justice System. Mr. Jha has served as the Chairman of the Janakpur Youth Club and was a founding member of the Mithila Peoples Service Council. He obtained his Bachelor’s in Law from Tribhuwan University, holds an LLM degree in Criminal Law and Justice, and is a member of the Nepal Bar Association.

Ajay Shankar Jha Rupesh will present at World Justice Challenge Finalists Showcase Equal Rights and Non-Discrimination A