In the few years since its founding in 2006, the WJP has helped give people in countries across the world greater understanding of the rule of law and with it, greater opportunities in nearly every part of their lives – from education, to health care, to property rights to fair and peaceful resolution of disputes.  The WJP’s Engagement initiatives strive to make rule of law advancement as fundamental to the thinking and work of other professionals as it is to lawyers and judges.

Our Programs

One of the ways the WJP achieves reforms in rule of law is through on-the-ground programs conducted with leaders of government, businesses, civil society and individuals across work disciplines in countries throughout the world. The WJP convenes these leaders to find common ground, to examine how the fundamental importance of the rule of law matters in the everyday lives of people in their own communities and to incubate rule of law reforms.

Our Events

Since 2008, the WJP has held four World Justice Forums and nine regional outreach meetings on five continents, attracting hundreds of leaders from more than one hundred countries. Learn more about our outreach.

Through our outreach, we inspire and support innovative new programs to advance the rule of law. Learn more about our programs.

World Justice Forum Highlights

The World Justice Forum is the largest international event hosted by the World Justice Project. It is a global gathering at which prominent leaders to strengthen the rule of law.

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World Justice Challenge

Since its launch in 2008, the World Justice Challenge has provided financial, research, and networking support to more than 50 projects operating on five continents.

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Rule of Law Community Calendar

The WJP collaborates with and supports a number of organizations that hold events and organize programs relevant to our mission in their communities.

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