Access to Information and Women's Health Rights


Health-related information is fundamental to the fulfillment of women´s health and human rights. Women who have access to information can make informed decisions about their health. This ability to control some aspects of their lives at the same time creates a sense of empowerment in women which can be crucial in helping them break the cycle of discrimination and poverty that many women face. 

Program Summary

The project “Access to Information and Women´s Health Rights” aims at conducting research that will study the current state of access to information as related to women´s health rights, as well as identify best practices in the region on effective access to information that enhances the rule of law in respect of women’s health rights. This project will focus on access to information process as related to women´s health rights in Chile, PerĂº, and Argentina.


The report has been successfully produced and continues to be marketed to government and nongovernmental leaders.  Pro Acceso has also been instrumental in lobbying successfully for the passage of a Freedom of Information act in Chile.  They continue to be an important regional partner.  

Project Details

Program Status:Completed

Program Type:Grantee

Region:Latin America & Caribbean

Program Countries:Argentina, Chile and Peru

Dates:December 1, 2008 - December 1, 2009

Rule of Law Index Factors: Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), and Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6).

Issue Areas: Education, Government, Human Rights, and Public Health.