About Justice Rising: A Blog on the Rule of Law

Welcome to Justice Rising! Justice Rising features voices of leaders from different professions and sectors across the globe who are all striving to advance the rule of law.

We believe that justice belongs to everyone—not just to lawyers, judges and others in the legal sector. And we believe that the best way to advance the rule of law and make rights real is through collaboration from every level of society.

And so, Justice Rising features the work of the WJP’s grantees, partners, and leadership, as well as others to provide commentary and insight on these issues.

Who can contribute to the blog?

We welcome submissions from all disciplines, whether you are in the government sector, a non-profit organization, a health care professional, a business leader, a musician, an artist, or an entrepreneur.

What should you write about?

We want you to be able to connect and share experiences that matter to you with individuals from all over the world who are also working to improve justice in their own communities. We want this to be a marketplace of innovations and solutions that will bring people together to share ideas and provide inspiration. This forum is the perfect place to highlight an issue of importance, to share success stories and other anecdotes, and to educate one another about how to collaborate on initiatives that can improve justice. If you are working in the IT sector and want to suggest a way to curb corruption through text messaging, we want to know more! If you are a civil society organization helping farmers to secure land rights so they can improve food security for their village, we want to learn more!

We welcome submissions of the following type:

  • Opinion/Editorials- your views, opinion and solutions on specific rule of law issues
  • Case studies
  • Academic abstracts
  • Event marketing/summary/seminars- notices on relevant rule of law events occurring around the world
  • News and Features - highlights from your own existing blog
  • Success stories related to your organization’s projects or events
  • Multimedia

Still not sure on what you would like to write about? You may contact us, or view other submissions here.

How to submit your post

To learn more about submitting your blog posts, please view our blog guidelines here.

You may email us at [email protected] with your submission(s). Please note not all posts are automatically accepted for publication on our blog page.

Thank you for visiting our blog! We look forward to submissions!



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