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Ministry and Local Mayor Affirm Commitment to Eradicating Unregistered Births in Senegal

WJP Staff | 11/25/2015

On October 24 2015, Senegalese NGO CONAF – the National Committee for Literacy and Training – convened civil society representatives, public health practitioners, village chiefs, civil...

WJP Annual Report

WJP Staff | 11/13/2015

Our annual report covering the World Justice Project’s efforts to advance the rule of law in 2014 is now available in the WJP publications library. Read up on our key progress for the year,...

The Rule of Law and Healthy Societies: New Research Shows a Correlation

WJP Staff | 11/09/2015

A new paper published by BMJ Open explores whether “the rule of law is a foundational determinant of health that underlies other socioeconomic, political and cultural factors that have been...

New World Justice Challenge Grants Awarded in Senegal

WJP Staff | 10/01/2015

Four new pilot programs to address key rule of law issues in Senegal—including corruption, access to information, and women and children’s rights—have been awarded seed grants...

The Right Honourable Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury Speech to ABA London Sessions 800th Anniversary of Magna Carta June 11, 2015

WJP Staff | 06/24/2015

On behalf of the judiciary of the United Kingdom, let me very warmly welcome the American Bar Association to London. It is thoroughly appropriate that your conference is being held here in England on...

New Rule of Law Data & Insights for 2015

WJP Staff | 06/09/2015

On June 2nd, the World Justice Project launched the WJP Rule of Law Index 2015 in Washington DC, presenting our newest data on how the rule of law is experienced by ordinary people in 102 countries...

World Justice Project Releases WJP Rule of Law Index 2015 Scores and Rankings for 102 Countries Worldwide

WJP Staff | 06/02/2015

WASHINGTON, DC (2 JUNE, 2015) – The World Justice Project (WJP) today released the WJP Rule of Law Index 2015, an annual report that measures how the rule of law is experienced by the general...

Advancing Justice in Indonesia: WJP Announces Five New Grants

WJP Staff | 05/27/2015

The World Justice Project has awarded seed grants to five pilot programs led by local organizations in Indonesia. The programs address key challenges in adherence to the rule of law in Indonesia,...

Launch Event: WJP Rule of Law Index 2015

WJP Staff | 05/13/2015

Join us for an interactive conversation on the state of the rule of law worldwide. Presenting new and original data on fundamental rights, justice, security, government accountability, and more.

Open Government and Freedom of Information: Advancing the Global Conversation

Juan Carlos Botero & Alejandro Ponce | 05/08/2015

Our latest paper, Open Government and Freedom of Information: Advancing the Global Conversation, provides new contextual information for our recently-released WJP Open Government Index. The piece is...

Women’s Civic Participation Defies Expectations of Unequal Politics, but Still Requires Attention

WJP Staff | 04/01/2015

In early March, at the 59th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, UN representatives, politicians, and civil society practitioners gathered to take stock of the progress made towards...

WJP Open Government Index 2015 Launches

WJP Staff | 03/25/2015

Today we are pleased to introduce the World Justice Project (WJP) Open Government Index™ 2015, the first effort to measure government openness based on the general public’s...

A New Way to Measure Open Government

Alejandro Ponce, WJP Chief Research Officer & Stephen Lurie, WJP Research and Scholarship Alumnus | 03/25/2015

At one time, rigorous measurement and data collection were largely unfamiliar concepts to the governance, development, and rule of law communities. It’s increasingly accepted, however, that...

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