Every day people endure both known and unknown threats to personal safety; how do security officials find a balance between effective public protection and human rights?  From civil-military administration to enforcement in the field, law enforcers preserve and protect both body and rights.  What are the biggest threats to national security? What are the best ways to protect people while maintaining access to rights, such as freedom of speech and assembly?  This panel will examine the ways in which law enforcers approach and defend against local national threats; what happens when local/national borders blur; and how to defend the people’s rights in addition to the people.


  • Alejandro Hope, Security Policy Analyst, IMCO & México Evalúa (Mexico)


  • Kiran Bedi, Director General (ret.), Indian Police Service (India)
  • Innocent Chukwuma, Regional Representative, Ford Foundation (Nigeria)
  • Karen Tse, Founder, International Bridges to Justice (USA)

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