Beyond Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and exacerbated longstanding challenges to the rule of law. Building back better will require a committed effort to reinforce the rule of law foundation that underlies just communities. With your help, we can move the world beyond recovery, to a more just future.

The World Justice Project’s independent, survey-based data and insights provide common ground and a credible guide to protecting and advancing the rule of law. Our research and engagement priorities address the world’s most pressing governance challenges: rising authoritarianism, unequal access to justice, corruption, imperiled human rights, and rising inequities at a time of crisis.

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World Justice Project in Action

Data driven action


The WJP Rule of Law Index 2021 identified that rule of law declined globally for the fourth consecutive year and that COVID-19 has accelerated worldwide trends in rising authoritarianism. The Index data reflects practical insights from ordinary citizens and legal experts alike, drawing on in-depth surveys with more than 140,000 people around the world. This data is used by policymakers, activists, governments, the media, and others to understand how the rule of law is perceived and experienced in their country, to see how it compares worldwide, and to identify opportunities for reform. 


Championing Rule of Law Solutions

We continue scouring the globe to identify the most promising local projects and policy-level solutions to advance the rule of law and ensure a brighter future. In the World Justice Challenge 2021: Advancing Rule of Law at Time of Crisis, judges reviewed 425 submissions from 114 countries to recognize the replicable innovations of 30 finalists and six winners. In 2022, we’ll invite the next selection of Challenge finalists to the Hague for the premier international gathering for the rule of law movement. 

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Following our mixed assessment of Mexico’s 2008 criminal justice reforms, we argue that improved trial transparency must now be followed by reforms to curb pre-trial deficiencies and abuses, including torture. Our short documentary Detectives de Chihuahua demonstrates how professionalizing local police can finally empower them to investigate and solve major crimes. Esteemed documentarian and WJP Researcher Roberto Hernandez’s 2021 Netflix docuseries Reasonable Doubt: A Tale of Two Kidnappings portrays the heavy human toll of our criminal justice research findings.


Fueling the Movement for People-Centered Justice

We continue to build on our research that revealed over 5 billion people lack meaningful access to justice. Our 2021 Grasping the Justice Gap challenge paper lays out a data agenda for the growing movement to prioritize people over institutions in justice reforms. A follow-on project advances one major recommendation: making people-centered data more accessible to policymakers. Our interactive map links to all publicly available legal needs surveys conducted in the last three decades, reflecting people’s experiences in 108 countries and jurisdictions. Explore the Atlas of Legal Needs Surveys.


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