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Organization Name Organization Name (Local Language) Country Factors Organization Description
Alternative Foundation Altalap Alternatíva Alapítvány Hungary Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It provides harm-reduction services and works to prevent HIV and STD infections among drug users, sex workers, and people with disabilities. It provides medical services, counseling, and advocates for the improvement of healthcare services.

Anonymous Ways Foundation Névtelen Utak Alapítvány Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Order and Security (Factor 5)

It offers rehabilitation and reintegration support for victims of human trafficking, principally victims of sexual exploitation and prostitution. It works to prevent crime in partnership with civil society and faith-based organizations.

Atlatszo Atlatszo Hungary Absence of Corruption (Factor 2), Open Government (Factor 3), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

It is an online newspaper for investigative journalism that promotes transparency, accountability, and freedom of information in Hungary. It produces investigative reports, and supports freedom of information lawsuits. Their initiatives include Magyarleaks, Kimittud, and Fizettem.

Autonomia Foundation Autonómia Alapítvány Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It supports civil society initiatives and promotes governmental and European program efficiency for the improvement of labor market conditions of Roma and underprivileged people. It also contributes to the implementation of the National Roma Integration Strategy’s (NRIS) in Hungary.

Center for European Neighborhood Studies Hungary Order and Security (Factor 5)

It is an independent research center of the Central European University (CEU). It contributes to an informed international dialogue about the future of the European Union. The center focuses geographically on Central and Eastern Europe, the Western Balkans and Turkey, Eastern Europe, the South Caucasus, and Russia.

Center for Independent Journalism - CIJ Független Médiaközpont Hungary Open Government (Factor 3), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

CIJ promotes ethical, fact-based journalism and independent media in Hungary. They advocate for dialogue between media professionals and policy makers to promote a legal framework respectful of human rights and fundamental freedoms.

Centre for Euro-Atlantic Integration and Democracy (CEID) Hungary Order and Security (Factor 5)

It was founded in 2001 to promote Euro-Atlantic dialogue. Their areas of interest include security and defense policy, and foreign relations. Their collaborative initiatives include Think Visegrad, a network that analyzes key issues for the V4 countries and provides recommendations for the governments.

Criminology Kriminológia Hungary Order and Security (Factor 5), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

It is the website of the Department of Criminology of the Faculty of Law at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE ÁJK). It offers graduate programs and conducts scientific research on current and relevant topics in criminology.

Direkt36 Direkt36 Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2)

It is an investigative journalism center with the mission to expose wrongdoings, corruption, and abuse of power in Hungary. Their projects have uncovered issues such as politicians' hidden assets and public contracting irregularities.

Environmental Management and Law Association - EMLA EMLA Egyesület Hungary Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6), Civil Justice (Factor 7)

It works on environmental law and environmental management. Their main activities include public interest environmental legal advice and litigation, research, consulting and education services, and environmental management projects.

Eötvös Károly Institute Eötvös Károly Intézetet- EKINT Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Absence of Corruption (Factor 2), Open Government (Factor 3), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Created in 2003 by the Soros Foundation, it is committed to the liberal interpretation of constitutionality, constitutional democracy, and individual rights by drafting specific policy proposals, concepts, and background studies.

Háttér Society Háttér Társaság Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Civil Justice (Factor 7)

Founded in 1995, it is the oldest LGBTQI organization in Hungary. It raises awareness about the problems faced by LGBTQI people such as discrimination, provides support and legal services, and advocates for laws that promotes the health and well-being of LGBTQI individuals.

Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation Hintalovon Gyermekjogi Alapítvány Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Civil Justice (Factor 7)

It promotes the full realization of children’s rights in Hungary by offering appropriate information and support. Child participation is a major principle and practice at the Foundation, where children aged 14-18 contribute with their opinions and support all activities.

Humán Platform - HP Humán Platform Hungary Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It represents professional associations, NGOs, and individuals working in the fields of healthcare, culture, and education. Its mission is to increase social control over pubic authorities in communal matters and to monitor state actions, especially the redistribution of resources in these fields.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee Magyar Helsinki Bizottság Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Founded in 1989, it protects human dignity through legal and public activities, and provides help to refugees, detainees, and victims of law enforcement violence.

Hungarian Human Rights Foundation Magyar Emberi Jogok Alapítvány Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

Founded in 1976, its headquarters are located in New York, with offices in Budapest and Kolozsvár. It documents human rights violations and advocates for the rights of Hungarian minority communities living in Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, and Ukraine.

Hungarian LGBT Alliance Magyar LMBT Szövetség Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

It facilitates communication between LGBT organizations and promotes the creation of a framework for cooperation to combat discrimination and prejudice. The conduct research, training, and education programs to maximize equal opportunities and social inclusion of LGBT people.

K-Monitor K-Monitor Hungary Absence of Corruption (Factor 2), Open Government (Factor 3)

It works to combat corruption and promotes transparency in public procurements through research, advocacy, and through the operation of open data websites such as K-Teszt, Civilzseb, and the MP's Asset Declaration Platform.

Menedék Hungarian Association for Migrants Menedék Migránsokat Segítő Egyesület Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Order and Security (Factor 5), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

It advocates for the social integration of immigrants arriving to and departing from Hungary. It also provides psychological and legal support to migrants through individual and group counseling and offers migrant-specific sensitization trainings for professionals and police officers.

Mertek Media Monitor Mérték Médiaelemző Műhely Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Open Government (Factor 3), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

It advocates for the rights of freedom of the press and expression through legal analysis to measure the impact of media laws and media policy decisions. It monitors the effectiveness of regulations and its effects on the production of media content.

Migrant Solidarity Group of Hungary - Migszol Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4)

It is an informal and independent initiative comprised of Hungarians, immigrants, and refugees advocating for political and social rights for refugees and asylum seekers in Hungary. Their campaigns aim to document, prevent, and raise awareness concerning deportation and detention.

NANE Women's Rights Association Nõk a Nõkért Együtt az Erõszak Ellen - NANE Hungary Fundamental Rights (Factor 4), Civil Justice (Factor 7)

Founded in 1994, it is dedicated to ending violence against women and children. Their activities include advocacy for legal and policy reform, helpline services for individual support, as well as increasing professional and public awareness through training, prevention programs, publications, and events.

National Institute of Criminology Országos Kriminológiai Intézet - OKRI Hungary Order and Security (Factor 5), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Founded in 1960, is the academic research and training center of Hungary’s Prosecution Service. Their main activities include the investigation of crimes, the development of theory and practice of criminology, forensics and criminal law, and to promote the utilization of research results.

Political Capital Hungary Order and Security (Factor 5), Regulatory Enforcement (Factor 6)

Founded in 2001, it is an independent policy research and consulting institute committed to the basic values of parliamentary democracy, human rights, and a market economy. Their areas of research include democratic institutions, radicalism and extremism, and electoral systems, to name a few.

Republikon Institute Republikon Intézet Hungary Constraints on Government Powers (Factor 1), Open Government (Factor 3)

It is a liberal think tank organization based in Budapest, focusing on analyzing Hungarian and international politics, formulating policy recommendations, and initiating projects that contribute to a more open, democratic, and free society. It aims to articulate new ideas and to find ways of making the values of liberal democracy, human rights, and tolerance more popular.