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Organization Name Organization Name (Local Language) Country Factors Organization Description
Center for International Investment and Commercial Arbitration (CIICA) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7)

CIICA is Pakistan’s first international arbitration center. In addition to providing arbitration and mediation services, CIICA is involved in capacity building and training in the area of international arbitration in particular and alternative dispute resolution in general.

Law and Justice Commission of Pakistan Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

Works to develop standards of the justice system, train lawyers and officials and produce reports to improve the running of the justice system.

Lawyers for Human Rights & Legal Aid (LHRLA) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7)

It is a developmental or structural legal aid group; not only does it provide legal aid but even challenges the law. It asks for law reform where the law is found to be unfair or discriminatory. It asks for legislation in areas where there is a lack of laws dealing with the subject.

Legal Aid Society (LAS) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7), Criminal Justice (Factor 8)

The Legal Aid Society's efforts are geared towards bridging the gap to provide pro bono/low bono legal aid service to enhance access to justice to underserved, marginalized and disempowered segments of the society, specifically women, religious minorities and juveniles.

National Centre for Dispute Resolution (NCDR) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7)

NCDR follows international standards rules and code of ethics governing mediation proceedings and is Pakistan's first and only mediation centre. It undertakes disputes of various nature including family disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, contractual disputes, labour disputes etc.

Society for Human Rights and Prisoners' Aid (SHARP) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7)

It has been working with Afghan refugees, non-Afghan asylum seekers, and IDPs to register them and providing them legal aid. It also works to promote human rights through education, seminars, lectures, symposium, training, workshops, mass media and print media.

Trade Dispute Resolution Organization (TDRO) Pakistan Civil Justice (Factor 7)

TDRO was established in 2013 to resolve trade disputes. It has been working on a draft law to regulate the functions of the organization. In the meantime, a number of disputes have been referred to it for resolution so far.