Senior Program Associate

Passionate about data and the stories behind them. Jorge studied Economics and Political Science at ITAM, where he found his passion for data analysis, statistics and econometrics. However, he realized that data does not change politics by itself so he has tried many ways to turn them into actions that have positive impact. After college, he was research assistant at the Center for Economic Research at ITAM and in the Institute for Sustainable Development and Social Equity at the Universidad Iberoamericana in education, migration and public health projects. After this research experience, he worked as assistant of the General Director of the Mexican Social Security Institute where he managed to apply statistical research to solve public health and social security problems at big scale, including the policymaking negotiations involved in the process. In the civil society sector, Jorge has worked in Citizens Action Against Poverty applying statistical analysis to push for policy that closes the inequality gaps in Mexico. He was also co-founder of Algo en Común, an impact measurement organization, and founder of Paradigmas, a digital magazine created to build a bridge between academic knowledge and mass media. In his spare time, Jorge enjoys to go to ride his bike, go to rock concerts and festivals, have a cold beer with friends and travel to little Mexican towns.