Engagement Intern

Anna Arganashvili joined the World Justice Project in May 2020 as a grantee of the Edmund S. Muskie Internship Program. As a Fulbright scholar, she earned her LL.M. from the University of Texas at Austin. She has also earned MSc and BSc in Law from Tbilisi State University. MSc and BSc in Occupational Therapy granted by the consortium of five universities in five European countries and Ilia State University; and MSc and BSc in Psychology from Tbilisi State University.

Anna is a practicing lawyer certified by the Georgian Bar Association to practice in civil, administrative and criminal law, as well as juvenile justice. She has been defending the rights of persons with disabilities, rights of women, children, and LGBTQ persons before domestic courts and different regulatory bodies as well as in international human rights mechanisms. She has been actively advocating for access to justice for different vulnerable groups, monitoring the places of detention, prisons, child and elderly institutions and psychiatric hospitals under the mandate of the National Preventive Mechanism of UN Convention Against Torture, conducting Participatory Gender Audits as a certified trainer by the International Labour Organization.

Anna also has broad experience of working at the health care facilities as a health care professional, and of conducting qualitative and quantitative research in different fields. She successfully combines her competences from different professional fields in her current work as a human rights lawyer. For the last seven years, she has headed the local human rights NGO in Georgia, among other tasks, serving as a board member of the Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary, which aims to monitor and support judicial reforms in the country.