Order and Security

Human security is one of the defining aspects of any rule of law society. Protecting human security, mainly assuring the security of persons and property, is a fundamental function of the state. Not only does violence impose wounds on society, it also prevents the achievement of other aims, such as exercising fundamental human rights, and ensuring access to opportunities and justice. In extreme situations, violence might become the norm if legal rules are not enforced. Under the rule of law, the state must effectively prevent crime and violence of every sort, including political violence and vigilante justice. It encompasses three dimensions: absence of crime; absence of civil conflict, including terrorism and armed conflict; and absence of violence as a socially acceptable means to redress personal grievances.

It consists of 17 variables combined to form the following three sub-factors:


5.1 Crime is effectively controlled
5.2 Civil conflict is effectively limited
5.3 People do not resort to violence to redress personal grievances