Guidelines for WJP Rule of Law Blog

Formatting Guidelines

Please format your post as a word document. No other formats will be accepted. Please email us your post at

Submission Guidelines

Submitted posts should contain the following:

  • Full Name
  • Position, Affiliation
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  • Multimedia (videos or pictures on your post)

Content type

It is preferred that posts educate the reader in some aspect(s) of the rule of law. Examples include economic, social and political issue areas related to the rule of law and/or factors of the rule of law (please see here for more information on factors of the rule of law). We welcome intellectual debates, but we would encourage you to write postings generally on issues, positions, events, and statements, rather than at individuals.

Types of Post

Posts can range from various issues of the rule of law, including but not limited to:

  • Case studies
  • Opinion Editorials
  • Academic abstracts
  • Organizational profiles
  • Event marketing/summary/seminars
  • Press releases
  • Current issues
  • Success stories
  • Request for proposals
  • Comments and feedback


When quoting any other blog or publication, it is very important that a web link to the original (if possible) when quotation marks or block quotes are used.  

If a publication cannot be linked to a website, please cite the title, author, publisher and year of publication.

Word count

800 words maximum


WJP blog will be promoting all posts via Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. All authors are also asked to promote their posts via Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and any other means.

Image/Video Requirements

All images/videos should be properly attributed and have to be credited. Please be sure to obtain permission when using a photograph or video and cite the photographer/videographer. If you cannot, please provide a source or appropriate hyperlink.

Editorial Policies

All posts and comments submitted to the blog will be reviewed by WJP staff prior to their publication on the blog. WJP staff reserves the right to finalize and approve any posts submitted for publication.

Post submitted can be rejected by WJP staff if it violates our guidelines or inappropriate. It is also in our discretion to decide to post your comments on the website/blog posts.

Posts in the following criteria will not be published: inaccurate facts and quotes, insulting comments, or libelous/unlawful statements, posts that are abusive, slanderous, harassing, disrespectful or threatening messages to individuals or the WJP.

Apart from the criteria mentioned above, it is under our discretion to not publish postings that are off topic, irrelevant, untimely or reasons related to intellectual property.

Comments Policy

We want to hear from you and encourage comments, feedbacks, suggestions and critiques. While comments directly below blog posts are disabled, you are encouraged to email us and provide your response in a separate post on the blog.

The views expressed on the blog are solely those of the blog post author, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the World Justice Project.