Justice Rising Blog Archives: April, 2014

Design Thinking for Accountability: A New Community Justice System in Liberia Emerges from a Design-Thinking Approach.

Blair Glencorse | 04/30/2014

This post originally appeared at the Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR) on 28 April 2014. 

Getting Away with It: Majority Believe Corruption Will Go Unpunished

WJP Staff | 04/29/2014

The world is no stranger to images of private opulence paid for with public money. The sprawling private residences and lavish compounds of deposed national leaders have become a common sight,...

Supporting the Rule of Law in Latin America

Juan Carlos Botero | 04/25/2014

This article first appeared on the World Economic Forum blog on 3 April 2014.  Most economies in Latin America struggle with recurring problems in their institutional frameworks. The repeated...

Commentary: China After the Global Fund

Yanzhong Huang and Jia Ping | 04/24/2014

This post first appeared in a newsletter containing news, analysis and commentary articles produced by Aidspan about The Global Fund and related issues. The commentary appears in ...

Legal Rights on the Books and in Practice

Juan Carlos Botero | 04/21/2014

This post first appeared on the Council on Foreign Relation's Emerging Voices blog, featuring contributions from scholars and practitioners highlighting new research, thinking, and approaches to...

Round Table: The Intersection of the Rule of Law and Sustainable Development

WJP Staff | 04/15/2014

“The WJP Rule of Law Index is a key contribution to the knowledge trust within the rule of law and economic fields.” – Scott Fulton, Beveridge & Diamond, P.C., DC, Visiting...

Who Trusts Local Government?

WJP Staff | 04/14/2014

The New York Times editorial board called out New York state Governor Andrew Cuomo on Friday for breaking his promises to investigate corruption in the state’s politics. After shutting down the...