Justice Rising Blog Archives: August, 2013

An Overview on Legal Information Building and Sharing in the Arab World

Joyce Hakmeh | 08/29/2013

The excerpt below comes from our Innovations in Rule of Law - A Compilation of Concise Essays report produced by WJP and Hiil.

Tradition and the Rule of Law: Female Genital Cutting in Africa and the Middle East

Aisha Davis | 08/28/2013

The practice of female genital cutting, or female genital mutilation (FGC/M), has been in existence for centuries. Although oftentimes associated with Islam, the practice does not fall under Sharia...

Beatrice Mtetwa Update

WJP Staff | 08/26/2013

Providing access to justice is the lifework of human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa, rule of law heroine, and the face of Zimbabwe's legal governance crisis, as depicted in feature documentary...

Liberia Ten Years On: Corruption And Accountability Remain Country’s Biggest Challenges

Blair Glencorse | 08/23/2013

Blair Glencorse from the Accountability Lab reports on corruption and accountability in Liberia for the 10th anniversary of peace. This article originally appeared on Article Arguments...

World Justice Forum IV Panel: Access to Health- A Better Life for Women and Girls

WJP Staff | 08/22/2013

At World Justice Forum IV, panelists Jimmie Briggs, founder of the ManUp Campaign; Sabiha Husic, director of MedicaZenica; renowned scholar and activist Nawal el Saadawi; and Angela Pinzon, Professor...

Hillary Clinton Receives 2013 ABA Medal, References WJP and Rule of Law Index

WJP Staff | 08/20/2013

On August 12, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton was honored with the 2013 ABA medal, its highest honor, in recognition of “distinguished service by a lawyer to the cause of American...

WJP Global Justice Series Featured on Skoll World Forum

WJP Staff | 08/19/2013

Last week, the Skoll World Forum, in partnership with WJP and Thompson Reuters Foundation, launched a special series on global justice featuring participants of our World Justice Forum IV (convened...

Voices from the Egyptian Crisis

WJP Staff | 08/19/2013

Since June 30, when millions of Egyptians took to the street in protest, Egypt has found itself in another period of political instability with a tragic loss of life and intense turmoil.

World Justice Forum IV Panel: Food Justice- Growing a Better Future

WJP Staff | 08/16/2013

At World Justice Forum IV our panel food experts Angus Kelly of Syngenta; Roy Prosterman, Founder of Landesa; Anne Roulin, VP - R&D Sustainability Manager of Nestlé; and Irit Tamir, Senior...

World Justice Forum IV | From Inspiration to Action: Strengthening the Rule of Law through Effective Programs

WJP Staff | 08/13/2013

On day two of the World Justice Forum IV, past opportunity fund grantees spoke about their projects and their journey from idea to implementation, collaboration to collective advancement. ...

Interview: The 50/50 Group, Sierra Leone

WJP Staff | 08/12/2013

At the World Justice Forum IV, Nemata Majeks-Walker, Founder of the 50/50 Group, is interviewed by Radha Friedman, Director of Programs at the WJP, about working with tribal leaders and informal...

World Justice Forum IV Panel: Artists and the Rule of Law

WJP Staff | 08/12/2013

At the World Justice Forum IV, renowned artists including photographer Reza Deghati, Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, singer Manny Answar, and filmmaker Roberto Hernandez discussed the ways in which art can...

Independence for West Papua: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Herman Wainggai | 08/09/2013

As we observe International Day of the World's Indigenous Persons, take time to read the story of one of the world's least known indigenous independence movements.     New Guinea, the world...

The International Day of the World's Indigenous People 2013

WJP Staff | 08/09/2013

2013 Theme: "Indigenous peoples building alliances: Honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements" The International Day of the World's Indigenous People (9 August) was first...

Keynote Address: Song Sang-Hyun, President, International Criminal Court

WJP Staff | 08/07/2013

On 10 July of the World Justice Forum IV, Judge Song Sang-Hyun, president of the International Criminal Court, delivered a keynote address and reiterated his belief that we are ready for great...

World Justice Forum IV Panel: Security and Law Enforcement

WJP Staff | 08/07/2013

On 9 July, the Security and Law Enforcement panel at World Justice Forum IV explored the ways in which law enforcers approach and defend against local national threats; what happens when local/...

Interview: The Peacetones Initiative

WJP Staff | 08/06/2013

At the World Justice Forum IV, Ruha Devanesan, Executive Director of the Internet Bar Organization, is interviewed by Radha Friedman, Director of Programs at the WJP, about the Peacetones project...

Economic and Legal Empowerment Through a Robust Rule of Law

WJP Staff | 08/05/2013

The Economic and Legal Empowerment panel at the World Justice Forum IV explored how civil society, government, and private actors can work in concert to empower vulnerable and poor citizens through a...

Promoting the Rule of Law Through Evaluation and Performance Measurement in Nigeria: Challenges & Prospects

Innocent Chukwuma and Eban Ebai | 08/02/2013

The contemporary interpretation of the doctrine of the rule of law refers to a cluster of ideas, the best known being related to the principle of legality, prescription of procedural standards in the...

Rule of Law Highlights: August

WJP Staff | 08/01/2013

A look around the world at the latest rule of law events taking place in August     The ILO's Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) will come into effect starting in August 2013 The MLC provides...

World Justice Forum IV Panel: Environmental Governance

WJP Staff | 08/01/2013

On July 11, The World Justice Forum Panel on Environmental Governance explored the different elements of effective governance to form an integrated and self-reinforcing system, with clear,...