Justice Rising Blog Archives: April, 2013

One Cannot Walk Alone: The Road to the Rule of Law in Malawi

Reinford Mwangonde | 04/26/2013

Malawi is a multiparty democracy with a population of approximately 15 million. In April, 2012 Joyce Banda took over through a smooth transition as President in what local and international...

3 Private Companies Making Money from Red Light Tickets

Scott Desind | 04/18/2013

Red light ticket cameras at intersections are becoming more prevalent with the technological innovations like enhanced imaging making traffic cams less prone to errors. The reasons many...

The Responsibility to Use Information

Blair Glencorse & Narayan Adhikari | 04/11/2013

The Right to Information (RTI) or Freedom of Information (FoI) movement has made huge strides since the first FoI law was enacted in Sweden in 1766. Freedom of Information was included (as Article 19...

The Rule of Law Index: an Action Planning Tool for Global Civil Society

Bethan L. McGann | 04/11/2013

One of the intended uses of the WJP Rule of Law Index is as an action planning tool for global civil society. The Rule of Law Index truly comes alive when citizens are given the opportunity to...

Behind the Brands: Can Cocoa Companies do More for Women?

Irit Tamir | 04/07/2013

Why are women being excluded from more profitable aspects of agriculture in Cote d’Ivoire? My colleagues and I were surrounded by women dressed in their best. Their colorful, patterned pagnes,...

Access to Quality Healthcare Through Transparent and Reliable Data

Iris F. Litt | 04/07/2013

The health of a population provides another lens through which to examine value placed on human life by a government. All indices of health correlate positively with measures of justice. For example...

Fat-Busting Tip of the Day: Pass the Right Laws!

David Patterson | 04/07/2013

To mark World Health Day, IDLO Head of Social Development David Patterson issues a call to action. Heart disease. You don’t catch it from a toilet seat. Cancer: it doesn’t spread through sneezing....

Public Health Goals Should Reflect State, Individual Responsibilities

Douglas Webb | 04/07/2013

NEW YORK, April 7, 2013—On World Health Day, we are reminded of the complexities of the health environments in which we live and work, and the health-related choices we make every day. ...

Violence, Poor Governance, and the Social Contract Void

Aaron Menenberg | 04/04/2013

The Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is going through historic political, social, and identity transitions. There are five dynamics catalyzing these transitions, including the widening embrace of...

Rule of Law Highlights - April

WJP Staff | 04/01/2013

A look around the world at the latest rule of law events in AprilMubarak retrial to commence 13 April