Justice Rising Blog Archives: January, 2013

Securing the Rule of Law at the Grass Roots: the WJP Index as a Tool to Improve Protection of Human and Worker Rights

Richard L. Trumka | 01/29/2013

Most Americans, if asked, would rank the United States at the top of any scale measuring rule of law compliance. This assumption is squarely challenged by the World Justice Project’s (WJP) recent...

A Look Back: Two Years of Egyptian Polarization

Sharan Grewal | 01/29/2013

Last Friday marked the second anniversary of Egypt’s January 25th revolution, which toppled former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Yet the weekend’s celebration has been marred by five straight...

Informal Justice Systems: Challenges and Perspectives

Dr. Tilmann J. Röder | 01/28/2013

In large parts of the world, indigenous courts, councils of elders, and similar traditional authorities play a central role in the resolution of disputes. Despite all cultural differences, they share...

Free West Papua: Growing International Solidarity for a Forgotten Independence Movement

Herman Wainggai | 01/24/2013

It is likely that most US citizens who consider themselves informed about global events are aware of the genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia and East Timor, yet it’s likely that few people in the US are...

Laskar Anti Korupsi: Anticorruption Troops Program

Jiwo Damar Anarkie | 01/22/2013

The Justice Rising Blog aims to highlight grassroots organizations who are striving to advance the rule of law. If you would like to highlight your organization, send us an email at [email protected]..

Customary Justice: Challenges, Innovations and the Role of the UN

International Development Law Organization (IDLO) | 01/16/2013

Interest in informal legal systems has grown in recent years with greater emphasis being placed on local ownership as an effective means of development. Non-state justice systems, including...

Land Rights and the Rule of Law

Roy L. Prosterman | 01/15/2013

A major arena for successful pro-poor rule of law reform has been the provision of secure land rights for the rural poor. The bulk of the 70-75% of the extreme poor on our planet who make their...

The Missing Rules

Carl Malamud | 01/14/2013

The Rule of Law Index is an invaluable tool for assessing conformance to the rule of law across the globe, but the index fails to measure an important indicator. Rule 5.1 specifies "the laws are...

2012 Opportunity Fund Competition: Dynamism and Diversity

Bethany L. McGann | 01/14/2013

The 2012 Roderick B. Mathews Opportunity Fund competition was unlike any other. For the first time, the entire process took place online. Seeking to inject entrepreneurial creativity into rule of law...

WJP Honorary Chair Profile: Dr. Mo Ibrahim, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation

Doreen Ndishabandi | 01/07/2013

The World Justice Project’s Honorary Chair Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim is a Sudanese-born, British mobile communications tycoon, the founder of Celtel, and the chairman of Satya Capital and the Mo Ibrahim...

Strengthening National Capacity to Prosecute Genocide, Crimes Against Humanity & War Crimes

Emilie Hunter | 01/05/2013

The capacity of national justice sector institutions to prosecute the perpetrators of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes is one of the greatest challenges to national rule of law...

Eradicating a Culture of Rape

Tayo Adjapon-Yamoah | 01/03/2013

For many, the failures of the struggle against sexual crime translate into a daily, ongoing nightmare. The MILEAD Fellows of the Moremi Initiative for Women's Leadership in Africa stand in solidarity...

Criminal Justice and Forced Displacement in Colombia

Federico Andreu-Guzmán | 01/02/2013

The crime of forced internal displacement is not a new phenomenon in Colombia. It has been a widespread practice in the country’s internal armed conflict for several decades. However, forced internal...